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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Alpha Sign-Up [Download]

Update: The game is now in open alpha, check our coverage of it and download it here.

Better keep T.A.B.S on us as we report all these games that need testing! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a physics-based action strategy battle simulator that’s set in the medieval times where you pit wacky waving armies against each other.

It’s a casual game that’ll provide you with strategic giggles as you see soldiers flailing at each other, hilariously firing their weapons at each other and pretty much laugh off your losses and your wins.

Sign-up for the alpha here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

219 thoughts to “Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Alpha Sign-Up [Download]”

  1. How do I start the the download for tabs? I’m getting really annoyed because I don’t know how to play it. I know how to sign up but not play.

      1. HELLO, guys we have a couple of stupid Swedish assholes, give the fucking game to fucking youtubers, I hope that our brave hackers kill this problem

        1. i cant fucking wait till this company gets hacks and tabs go fucking all over the internet, either give it to us or we will have to fucking hack is away from you

          1. iam a pro hacker when will we start cause i am really good and i want this game

          2. Why don’t you just get a job and pay for the game that others have spent months programming you scumfuq

        2. they’re only giving it out to youtubers while it’s in pre-alpha. It’s not a finished game so they’re giving it to people who can get them some publicity to get it greenlit. The public will be able to play it when it’s finished.

      1. By random you mean they pick out all famous youtubers an give them the game. :\

      1. you sign up and then you have a chance to get a copy through email, if you didnt get an email you cant download

          1. I would rather not watch some Irish guy scream at his computer like a child.

    1. It would make sense for them to give the game to the youtubers like a week before the release or after the release, not way before the release. Everyone is gonna freak out about it then forget about it after maybe a few days, and then after like 3 weeks it will be a forgotten memory! That is just rude to release a WORKING, emphasis on WORKING, version to a bunch of youtubers, and no one gets a copy. I don’t care if the game still needs a little makeup and pedicures, one of the best ways to get rid of little bugs and things is by having a large audience to report the bugs. The youtubers edit out most of the bugs that aren’t either amazing or in the middle of an epic scene anyways, so you don’t give it to youtubers to get bugs fixed. ??????

    2. Hello guys if you have napoleonic warband please join the 92nd dragoons cavalary and I am Cpt.Rock fort the team so join if can thank you 🙂

    3. nossa cara, pqp em, voce se inscreve para eles vereem se vao te deixar jogar essa versao mds

    4. You have to wait, because they choose random people and if you are lucky then you will be picked. They will send it to your email.

    5. How we got impatient people here i got the game already in like 5 minutes so calm down and no need to swear

  2. WHY The Fuck random testers are getting the game and the guys who are trying so hard to get it are left behind. I try really hard to get it.

    1. It’s mainly just youtubers right now. Alpha still hasn’t started. If you read around you will learn things.

      1. its cause youtubers will show it to more people, and a percentage of those who saw the video about it will want to buy the game, so they will have many more people wanting to buy the game when it comes out.
        (selling strategy)

      1. yeah i am to but they will probably only give it to big youtubers to advertise there game

      2. how many subs do you have? 5? XD if you read around, you see that the only youtubers who can get the game must have at least 10k subscribers. Do you get it?

  3. why the hell do some people get it but not us
    they make you subscribe to a list and then what
    you just wait for them to randomly pick you

  4. I really want this game. If i dont get it I will be pissed in both ways. Its kinda dumb that some people will miss out on the game.

  5. Wtf This is stupid i dont get it you sign in but dont get the game its so retarded this game is wasting my time tryin to get it. Its so gay.

  6. this message goes to everyone who thinks hacking is good
    fuck you noobs hacking is illegal you will all go to prison just for tipying these comments you losers

  7. and now for the ones who dont know how to download it you guys just have to go to the homepage and read the text about T.A.B.S. because it says that its not availible for every kind of stupid electronik you idiots

  8. only then the alpha starts this game will send to RANDOM testers who signed up for this ther is just no such thing as download

  9. Dont even waste your time on this game. It’s stupid and the fun factor quickly loses its appeal in under an hour. The way the developers have gone about this is very wrong. Either come out with a beta that people can play to determine if they want to buy it or not, or don’t come out with anything at all. It’s just like have a girl taking off her top but her nipples are covered with band-aids. After a while you just say ‘f*ck you!”, enough with the tease, we’re over it. Im onto my next game because these devs have stuck band aids all over their nipples that we’ve now moved onto the next game. Good luck in the game making profession idiots. Sack your marketer whilst you are at it.

  10. OK THAT’S IT. FOR EVERYONE COMPLAINING ABOUT YOU TUBERS GETTING IT: Ok you idiots, here’s why. Youtubers show it to way more people and make the game famous, you should thank Landfall for this because if they didn’t give it to famous Youtubers, you wouldn’t even know about it. The game is still in Alpha, you-tubers make more know about it so everyone gets a chance to sign up before it’s released. Stop being selfish and whiny and wait.
    Good Luck ye twats.

    1. i dont know i went to alphabetagamer and its a scam and a troll and a trick at the same time its a fake download website find the real one and download it i guess thats a sulution


  12. I think this game is rlly cool and I want to play it now but I get why I cant but i cant wait to play it 🙂

    1. fuck shit piss shag fuck you suck my dick if we wont to swear we will why am i doing this im onley 11

    1. so am i but i dont gith a shit becuase im not waiting 2017 summer for it to come out on steam

  13. the sign up is to test your luck so it’s like a giveaway. if you are a big youtuber, then you can ask him to get it

  14. My goodness, you retarded kids with autism have to wait for the game to come out as it is still in beta testing, they are not done with the game yet, it’s going to be released on steam by summer 2017, If you kids learn to wait, maybe your autism will be cured.

  15. Played it today, going to post a video of it tomorrow. It’s quite ridiculous and I think it could use a little rethinking in terms of how matches start (rather than units falling straight on their face), but it’s pretty hilarious.

  16. I don’t know what this game is but it seems a little cool in mind so i may of have to sign up because 1 of my friends loves this game to. So i may be welcomed to play this game i also hope its very fun. See you when i’m all signed up!

  17. you need utorrent ot bit torrent and then you just type in T.A.B.S download utorrent.


    Quite long process because after you have downloaded it you have to have winzip to unzip the file and then you can play the game.

    only 17 MB so isn’t big at all but do take in mind that it is the PRE-ALPHA so it isn’t the full version because it is still in development stage.

    Please let me know if i helped anyone with downloading the game and tell me if you need help downloading other games.

    1. please help me with this info: i allready download the alpha but i dont know what do i have to do for play the game..because it’s not any .exe in this file! i can’t open the game.thanks alot.

  18. If hackers get the game and release it to people, those games might have unauthorized data and will make the game on your computer “kill itself”
    And the game alpha releases on November 15 for anyone and everyone who’s signed up which the sign up is: go to landfall website, type email, they send you an email verifying your human, End, you signed up.

  19. How long does it take until it get to your house if you ordered it from Kitchener? Cause I rlly want to get it. BTW when the full game is released will the open alpha update? XD I just really want to play :3

  20. i hack a cuple but i not considerd as a hacker cuz i do hacks that any can do

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