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We Happy Few – Alpha Access

Uncle Jack is such an awesome guy right? We Happy Few is a first person psychological survival adventure rogue-like game that’s set in a dystopian 1960s drug-fuelled England, where you’ll be on a journey to discover the horrible truth under the umbrella happy town.

Aside from the very interesting fully voiced story, world, art style and visual effects, you’ll enjoy the game’s procedural world generation, survival mechanics like hunger and sleep, stealth and action combat, a handful of difficulty settings to satisfy both the casual and hardcore gamers like having permadeath on, and so much more.

We’ve enjoyed our time playing the current build of the game and pretty much loved everything about it, although it seems like the game is providing two experiences into one and they’re not mixing with each other very well. From our point of view we do hope that they can separate the survival/rogue-like experience and story/adventure one from each other, so that it’ll satisfy both types of gamers, or so we think.

Get alpha access with the full game here.

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