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Windscape – Alpha Access

This is one of the chillest games we’ve seen. One moment you’re farming, the next you’ll smack wolves, then do some chores. Windscape is a first person action adventure role-playing exploration game, where you play as a young girl living in her parents’ farm helping around with whatever you can, and adventuring whenever she can in this world of floating islands in the sky.

But you notice that the islands are breaking apart and falling from the sky! You’ll explore many islands with their unique NPCs to talk to, vicious monsters to fight against, dungeons and lairs to uncover driven mainly by puzzles to solve and difficult enemies to face, and each of those islands will have their own set of valuable resources used to craft a variety of items from weapons, shields, potions and magical spells.

We can talk a lot about the game with detail, but the best aspect of it that we’ve noticed is that it’s a very relaxing experience yet still provides you with enough depth and content for you to having a joyful playthrough.

Get alpha access with the full game here.

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