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Winterfall – Alpha Sign-Up

Every gamer’s wish is to leave a very real mark in a game. Winterfall is a third person action adventure sandbox role-playing game where you play in a fictional world set in the early dark ages, where the ‘main character’ of the game is your Household that built and grown and developed through work and action of your, the player’s, characters.

From your very first character you make, every action that character will make will ultimately have history in the world and stay there, and when the time comes and your character dies from any various scenario/situation, a legacy will be left and everything that character have left behind will stay for you to take as a new character comes in place.

It’s a very ambitious game that wants to break the mold in the genre and give players a meaningful experience, one that every action, decision and venture you take is not thrown and forgotten but treasured and remembered.

Sign-up for the alpha (and beta) here.

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