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Witch It – Alpha Download

“I love prop hunt games and witches. Oh please is there actually a game that combines the two?” This was something I said as a wee child, and prayed every night for it to come true. My parents always told me it wasn’t going to happen, and if witches showed up at the door, they’d throw potatoes at them. This cut me deep, and since then I swore I wouldn’t rest til I played such a game. One fateful night, Barrel Roll Games heard my cries of suffering, and thus decided to develop Witch Hunt on Unreal Engine. This is more or less how it came about, I might be mishandling some facts here and there. In Witch Hunt, the game is set in a vs match, where players take on the role of the farmers or the poor witches who are just trying to exist. The following content is not biased at all: The rude farmers get it in their head that the witches want to turn up and wreck the town somehow. Well that’s not what’s happening, but we’ll never get the facts straight because before we learn the truth, those jerkface farmers are already slinging potatoes (I think/hope they’re potatoes) at the witches.

The current holiday edition is available however, so now it’s Santas vs Witches and unlimited snowballs flying everywhere. I couldn’t resist joining a game, twas the moment of truth I’ve been waiting for my entire life. I chose witches of course, and the first thing I did was take snowballs to the face once the match began. I merged my being into the nearest object, a snowman, and tumbled down the cobblestone road screaming in pain as I searched for something to transfer my soul into. This is not an easy task when taking rapid snowball fire to the frosty behind. Spotting a pile of barrels, I dove carrot-first into them and before I could transfer, I suffered my final snowball and perished. Broken and beaten in the most pathetic attempt at living the dream, I dissipated into the netherworld, (also known as spectator mode) and proceeded to watch two of my teammates bully each other. A simple lantern was taking a floating chair to the face as he pleaded for him to stop. Soon the chair was a ladder, and this mating ritual of previously inanimate objects was soon brought to a close as two Santas moved in for the kill. Who wouldn’t want an existence like that? Especially when it has a free demo (til February 2017)?

Download the alpha demo on Steam.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.


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